Abraservice Belgium

Training session by Magotteaux

The company Magotteaux, world leader in process optimization solutions for high abrasion extracting industries, invited Abraservice to provide a training session about Creusabro steels. Magotteaux has been using Creusabro and benefitting from its special properties on a daily basis for several years.

Abraservice Product Manager and General Manager for Belgium offered a presentation aimed at the Magotteaux international sales team, leading to a rich discussion about the steel properties and how they grant the final products outstanding qualities. With Creusabro steels, the innovative machines and wear parts designed by Magotteaux give the company an advantage in their branch of industry.

The most important strength of the Creusabro steels according to Magotteaux is their performance consistency and incredible wear resistant properties: the Creusabro 8000 can work 50 % longer than conventional 500 HBW wear resistant steels. They are also highly resistant to high surface pressure and to cracking at low temperatures.

These special properties can be obtained through strictly controlled chemical composition and quenching process. Metallurgical speaking, Creusabro steels are multiphase steels with retained austenite produced on purpose. During plastic deformation, retained austenite transforms to martensite which gives surface hardness increase by 70 HBW.

Hence, Creusabro steels on delivery are much easier to machine and form than conventional wear resistant steels and become much more harder and resistant to wear during work.

Pièces en CREUSABRO® 8000℗

Abraservice Belgium a livré environ 2000 plats de blindage en CREUSABRO 8000 (15 mm) avec trous forés fraisés ainsi que 6 grilles de 4×2m pour la réalisation des trémies de déchargement de wagons de l'usine Saint-Gobain de Pont-à-Mousson.